Vena Cava RTW SS 2012

Vena Cava RTW SS 2012
Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock

Sept. 6th, 2011 - New York

“Don’t be such a pushover,” Ilsa ordered herself. She knew she was a highly impressionable girl, and that was reasonable, but she knew it wasn’t decent now that she was landing her plane in womanhood, “you’re a dame.” This was her second week at the factory, the first time she had ever touched machinery other than a stove in her life - Ilsa wasn’t a snob, she just never needed to hold a position in the force before the war.  At least she wouldn’t get greasy replacing her father’s job as an manager. “We were meant to be,” she articulated to the assembly line belt down below. She continued work, assigning this gobbledegook aside.
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"Dame" by Sveta Bout - Check her out! A couple of years back, Ms. Bout auditioned her way through high school plays with my older brother. Now she's being featured in renowned magazines, including The Rolling Stone. Her catchy, lady-like tunes have captured the audiences of NYC, and her song "Dame" was an inspiration for this short.

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