The Mouse Ran Up Fashion Ave...

I awoke to find myself in a state of frenzy - Where was I?! What was I doing here?! And then I recalled I had been running from the chat earlier that day. I had escaped by merely a whisker with the cube of cheese. This was a relieving and very satisfying thought, and I found myself in a state of strong ego, maybe a bit too presumptuous but i deserved it. What other creature could elude the swiftness of a patient cat? Only I. What other creature holds the universal symbol of stealth, cleverness, and invisibility? Why that is I, le petit Mouse.
Don't underestimate size.

I'm sure I don't have to ask any fashion-follower whether they've noticed an increase in wildlife in fashion these past couple of weeks. I haven't seen too much on the street yet, but plenty the Fall/Winter 2011 fashion shows were pushing animal spirits onto their runways. Take Chanel (pic #1), TopShop Unique, and Anna Sui as examples.
I'm so inspired by these critters that I decided to be an animal for Halloween, which is my first time for the holiday! (Back in the good old days when stage fright was out of my jargon, I portrayed a Leopard in a Christmas church play, but I have never been an animal for Halloween).

Here's a description of my mousey attire, which will consist of all black, a hint of sexy, and plenty DIY accoutrements: black rose-petal ears (Chanel Ad above), black beanie (yeah H&M deals!), black leotard (stolen from American Apparel...just kidding guys), black petticoat (Marshals!), and black thigh-high platforms (Charlotte Russe). And sorry, no pictures yet because I want it to be a surprise!
I just found this cute vid tutorial on how to get the Top Shop Unique mouse-hair look, maybe I'll switch it up one night and do that instead:


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  2. Oh that makeup is so cute!

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  4. Aww these are adorable - I love the little up hair do and the noses!

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  5. really cute :), lovely nose, so funny.

  6. amazing photos, I love cats!
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  9. thats so cute! a great idea for halloween costume...

  10. How fun! I can't wait to see your costume.
    xo Annie