Humility and a High Horse - Balmain Spring 2012

 Balmain Spring 2012
Oliver Rousteing
Sept. 29, 2011 - Paris

"Giddyap! Giddyap!" This was the first time Phillipa had mounted onto the magnificent four-legged beauty since the tender age of 14. She had been away from her father's ranch for almost eight years in the city - away from the valley that reined her from being brainwashed by propaganda. Living in a materialistic neighborhood for the past couple of years was a big leap (and shock) for Phillipa, but she taught herself to conform only to a degree. And that degree was modifying her older fashions into gold, glittering, embellished ones. She carried these back to her homeland, and when she finally arrived, Phillipa found that the impression of satori the beasts brought to her years before hadn't been revised...

The reverence Phillipa held for the horses - the awe-striking powerful enhancers of civilization - nudged her into a feeling of freedom and spirit. It's that kind of thing you have to experience yourself to discern strength's vitality. No type of stipend or fashion could replace the sweeping of wind past your tearing eyes, or the sound of galloping across brown earth. And at such a speed, no one could catch you! "I am unassailable! You and I, horse, are unassailable!"


  1. Nice looks!

  2. Overall I did like this collection, your reviews are great xx

  3. Thank you so much!! Yeah I liked the cowgirl-lost-in-Vegas looks from Balmain.

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  5. Amazing collection!

  6. These outfits are really amazing! The Balmain Spring 2012 Collection is really a lovely collection! Each piece is so gorgeous! We love the colors, styles and prints so much! Very lovely post! :)

    MUCH love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  7. They do it, again and again!! :)