Never Will it Fade Away - Pandora Jewlery - School Project

This is a project for my Small Scale Visual Displays class.
The theme for the whole class is "Falling into Fashion".
I chose Pandora's new Autumn/Winter "Universe of Charms" collection to display!

Inspiration songs:

Pictures of:
Mood board
2-D rendering draft
I found it really difficult to take a photograph of the mood board! Sorry about the pink desk underneath...I know it takes away. One day I'll look back and think, "Wow, what a crappy camera I had! Thank Steven Meisel I have this brand-spanking-new Canon Rebel with 3D effects!" If only...

I found this project challenging, and time-consuming, but in the end it's so worth it!

Here's the concept:
Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away…” prompted me to use falling stars as the theme for this project, and Pandora jewelers were just waiting for me to find their Autumn/Winter space-themed charms to display.
I wanted to keep the brand image in mind while creating the display in my mind’s eye, so I created a plain, uncluttered silk-velvety (a fabric texture women find elegant) backdrop. This idea also promotes the dominance of the items that need, in the end, to be sold.
I pictured the little charms worn by soothing purple (the colour of royalty) neon lights in the shape of the trail a fast-moving object leaves behind. And there would be
I wanted hands to be “catching” the “falling” jewelry to acknowledge to a customer that she can now nourish her desire to own a unique, and “rare” totem – it’s within reach – all she has to do is walk into the jewelry store. But I found plastic hands would be too distracting – hindering the quality of composition - and take the customer away from the focal point (the charms), so I decided to use vinyl wording inscribed, “Never will it fade away”.
* Underlined are visual display jargons

Think I'll get an A?


  1. Nice collage!

  2. Love the collage!!