Economy Kings

Economists see the consumer as the decision maker in the market (supply and demand); the costumers are seen as the independent variable in the market by economists. I agree with them some-what, because consumers opinions, wants, and needs affect businesses to a high degree because they are buyers.
BUT I can see how the economist’s certainty of the consumer being the judge of society can be wrong: sometimes, the MARKET has an effect on the BUYER rather than the other way around. This is apparent in fashion and trends, where one consumer wants a trend because they see it on the runway. But this process is also (normally) reversed: a designer sees a trend on the streets, and then sells it. It’s really a whole big circle to me. The circle of life, as they say, because no one is the center or “king” in the end.

Take the trend of ripped leggings, for example, which seemed to have started on the street by those misers, homeless people, or by those on BAM! Alexander Wang comes out with the “accidental” tears completing his relaxed looks (see photograph above), and all the fashion followers took their trash and retained possession of an item that was now deemed stylish. Soon enough, fashion retailers were selling their versions of ripped leggings all over the place, even at K-mart.

If you think about it, the style started up on the streets, but the trend was started by those that made the teared accoutrement appear fashionable which were the designers that put them on the runway. If you delve into it even deeper, the whole business of ripped stockings wasn’t as innovative two years ago as it was in the 70s when the whole punk scene came about in London. So technically those kids that claimed to have “started” the trend this past decade forgot to mention that they weren’t being totally original.

Everything is in a loop, and it makes me wonder if any steps we take forward in this life is actually two steps back from a different point of view. Hm…


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