Issey Miyake RTW SS 2012

Issey Miyake SS 2012
Yoshiyuki Miyamae, Creative Director

Oct. 2nd, 2011 - Paris

Someone spiked one of the four drinks resting on the table with a hallucinogen. She accidentally took that drink. Thank the heavens-no-the blossoming buds she had people to watch her. People were watching her. These alien-beings were using their newly developed technology and robotic electroids to test on her! She had to leave - "RUN!" she yelled inside her head. She was getting scared out in space, even as the beings were telling her everything was going to end in beauty. Everything was going to end in beauty. It was all a cycle, wasn't it? Life, time, growth is a cycle. The end of one is the beginning of another.
At this moment she experienced the same peaceful atmosphere she had felt when looking into the botanical-illuminating stars as the tsunami hit her Earth. "There shall always be progress and restoration. Reproduction fights death."

P.S. This is Mr. Miyamae's first time in control of the brand's designs!
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