Lela Rose SS RTW - Neon Princess

Lela Rose SS RTW
Sept. 11, 2011 - New York

 Royalty must dress for the best, Princess Lumen had learned that from a young age and now it was imprinted in her subconscious just as a heartbeat. Lumen did not see dressing up as pleasurable because it was a task rather than a choice. She was falling into darkness from desolation - she had not found a friend that made her feel sparks. Even her servants began to see the signs of depression, so they tried to fix the problem by sending in many lovers from faraway lands, but the "lovers" were more like toys. They put on an act just to impress Lumen instead of being their innate selves - there was no truth in this.
Only one servant, Vivienne, seemed to understand that Lumen had to love herself before anyone else. Vivienne unplugged the crafty mess and guaranteed this fact to the Princess.
Lumen found her knight in fluorescent Armour.

photo source
Joan Mitchell & Neon Graveyard - the two inspirations for Lela Rose's spring 2012 collection.

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