Carolina Herrera RTW SS 2012

Carolina Herrera RTW SS 2012

Sept. 12, 2011 - New York

“Do tell me why I got the feeling that the little angels didn’t delight my company as much as I did theirs?,” pondered the baroness, resting her delicate features against her white glove. (The 25-mph wind was blowing against her rosy cheeks and her sunhat had to be held down by a white silk scarf; she was in the passenger’s side of her fiance’s Morris Cowley.) It was because she was assiduously correcting the invisible dirt and feathers on her thin & diaphanous dresses instead of playing with the children’s budgies and bright yellow canaries. “Just be natural, and try not to ingratiate yourself into children’s lives, my dear,” but her fiance dared not proclaim this aloud, for fear of her feminist brusqueness.

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