The Trashy Princess - Miu Miu SS 2012

Miu Miu Spring/Summer RTW 2012
Miuccia Prada
Oct. 5, 2011 - Paris

"Mother, I will NOT wash my hair! I will NOT wear that dress!" objected young Anastasia with a stomp of her foot. She had been refusing to be a "proper young lady," as she was brought up to be. Anastasia saw that there was no point in being a Princess if she didn't have full contact with the differences between poor & wealthy and clean & filthy. So she started to rebel - slowly but surely - against her mother's wishes to be respectable by dressing a little sloppily, cutting her gowns in half, and not fixing her tresses here and there.
Laying eye-level to the dirt ground was the only means by which Anastasia learned what she really enjoyed was at the top of the tree - macaroons, silk ribbons, and afternoon tea.

my inspiration: The Prince & the Pauper's switch in societal status, and Alice in Wonderland's defiance against the rules set around her.


  1. Love these dresses. Such a cute idea about the "rebelling" princess.

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