Human Presents - Isaac Mizrahi

 Isaac Mizrahi SS RTW 2012
Sept. 15, 2011

Talk about "presentation". Adorned in giant bows tied around these ballgowns' busts, waists, and hips, you can't debate that these models look the wrapped goodies you anticipate of opening on the days leading to Christmas (in this case, Easter or Mother's Day). Therefore, anyone who wears these  should feel like a limited-edition Barbie doll (very glamorous and envy-inducing indeed), Marie Antoinette in a blast to the decades of Queens, Kings, and detrimental cosmetics, or as if people around the wearer are expecting some unraveling later on in the bedroom with a significant other...

Would you wear this?

Would you wear this?

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  1. I think those bows are way to big...but the dresses are pretty anyway...


  2. I hope the designer brings it down a notch...or some threads...when he's selling it in stores...
    We'll see.