Jill Stuart RTW SS 2012

Jill Stuart RTW SS 2012

Sept. 10th, 2011 - New York

A little lady walks up to the candy stand in the middle of the mall - it is her preference above all other stores. She loves the colours that seem glow through the transparent glass: from aqua mint, bubblegum pink, sunglow yellow, candy corn orange, to lime green fruit slices, they tempt all of her senses. Chic as is her mother’s disposition, the latter pulls her blossoming daughter away from the blueberry-ice rock candies, “Come along Sweetheart, mother needs to find her dresses for Paris.” “Basic” candlelit dinners that her mother relished was not Sweetheart’s “cup-of-cakes”; she had a taste for the gold-covered chocolate at the end of the rainbow.

photo source
Marie Antoinette on IMDB

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