Forward to the Blast - Helmut Lang Fall 2012

Helmut Lang Fall 2012

From the year 2112:
Do you remember those days when "ARGH!" meant "run from the famished T. Rex charging at you"? I do because I had the opportunity traveled back in time...
Just as much as I "oohed" at the giant creatures and dinosaurs passing through the tops of the trees and tromping on the pure lands, the natives among the great plains of Pangaea"awed" at my clothing: shiny, tight, metal-black pleather (we are very careful in the future with Animal Rights). Basically, I looked as typical "robot" as age-old predictions get...
Travelling along the mountains near the village, a pile of glowing dirt clumps caught my attention. I bent down to get a closer look - I thought that I was needing a pair of spectacles - when I felt the heat arise from the ground...
The town was destroyed by the lava that encompassed the valley, but all the people were saved thanks to my, finally useful, fervid actions.
For my great deed, I was awarded a triceratops' heel bone, which, according to the aboriginals, brought peace and understanding to my journeys ahead.
The only other proof I have of my journey is my shiny black suit, which was discolored by the sunlight and molten rock.
  I think it looks pretty damn hot.

Land Before Time
Back to the Future

Lobotomy for a Egotist - Alexander Wang Fall 2012

There once was a dark Princess who would never cease gabbing away about her achievements and possessions. She rarely considered other people's successful actions as their own, and thought that she was the wisest of them all with the world on a string.
Karma, Destiny, and Fate had been spying on this particular narcissist:
"What a cause! Wait till I get my effect on her!" bossed Karma.
"It is all her. We must show her what she deserves!" agreed Destiny.
But Fate was the most enlightened, "It is out of all control. What ever happens, happens."

Sure enough, the people that the Princess would act pretentious towards abandoned her.
Now who could she boast to, but her own self?
Unable to be heard,
She became trapped

in her own



Sucker Punch

Echo & Narcissus


Secret Paradise - Alice & Olivia Spring 2012

Alice & Olivia RTW S/S 2012

"Darling," Brittany implied in a matter-of-fact tone, "I have never even begin to think of vacationing in such a delightful place!" The tropics of Parais seemed to sweep past her in the convertible as if she was longingly watching a film. She needn't live vicariously this time, though, as all her hopes and dreams materialized all around: Forbidden Trees held lavish fruits of lipstick red, blush pink, and martini green. It felt like she was peeking into a secret garden locked away by an angel!
She sat back, bit her bottom lip, fixed her bug-eye sunglasses and sunhat, and gave way to the
sigh of contentment. Her life could end right there, and she wouldn't mind being "spiritually stuck" between the pomegranate Daiquiri drinks and mint leaves of the equatorial Paradis - as long as she was allowed to keep the shoes.


The Secret Garden

Tarzan & Jane


Veiled Desires - Carolina Herrera Spring 2012

Carolina Herrera RTW SS 2012

Sept. 12, 2011 - New York

“Do tell me why I got the feeling that the little angels didn’t delight my company as much as I did theirs?,” pondered the baroness, resting her delicate face against her white glove. (The 25-mph wind was blowing against her rosy cheeks and her sunhat had to be held down by a white silk scarf; she was in the passenger’s side of her fiance’s Morris Cowley.) It was because she was assiduously correcting the invisible dirt and feathers on her thin & diaphanous dresses instead of playing with the children’s budgies and bright yellow canaries. “Just be natural, and try not to ingratiate yourself into children’s lives, my dear,” but her fiance dared not proclaim this aloud, for fear of her feminist brusqueness.


Moriss Cowley car


Uncaged Bird, Take Flight - Somarta Spring/Summer 2012

Somarta Spring/Summer 2012
Tamae Hirokawa
Tokyo Fall 2011

A mother arrives at her children's begging and pleading, hungry for the daily worm. Feeding them, she thinks about her exactly measured home. She was proud of the work she put into the geometric nesting area he had graphed and started for her with his own bare claws. Who was he? Her lover who had fearlessly sacrificed his aerodynamic life for the freedom of his bloodline - their fledgelings.
His commitment had inspirited in her a resilient disposition to defend and be aware of any prowlers about.
An unforgiving mountain panther had gripped her lover's wings one stormy night when he was protecting her under his warm water-resistant feathers. She recalled his struggling against the giant black shadows of growls and screeches and the fog that seemed to suffocate her heart.

She had taken a chance then - a palette of wrath puffing through her shocked body. She had attacked. She the force of a thousand thunder bolts.

The fluffiness of her plumage evolved into pointy elements of spikes.

Red spilled in lines all around: the fierce lion had lay as a flightless cat.

She would never forget her lover's last words:

"Live unbound. Take flight."


Thunderbirds from Native American lore (as the designer mentioned).

 Peter Pan & the love story