Lobotomy for a Egotist - Alexander Wang Fall 2012

There once was a dark Princess who would never cease gabbing away about her achievements and possessions. She rarely considered other people's successful actions as their own, and thought that she was the wisest of them all with the world on a string.
Karma, Destiny, and Fate had been spying on this particular narcissist:
"What a cause! Wait till I get my effect on her!" bossed Karma.
"It is all her. We must show her what she deserves!" agreed Destiny.
But Fate was the most enlightened, "It is out of all control. What ever happens, happens."

Sure enough, the people that the Princess would act pretentious towards abandoned her.
Now who could she boast to, but her own self?
Unable to be heard,
She became trapped

in her own



Sucker Punch

Echo & Narcissus

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