Forward to the Blast - Helmut Lang Fall 2012

Helmut Lang Fall 2012

From the year 2112:
Do you remember those days when "ARGH!" meant "run from the famished T. Rex charging at you"? I do because I had the opportunity traveled back in time...
Just as much as I "oohed" at the giant creatures and dinosaurs passing through the tops of the trees and tromping on the pure lands, the natives among the great plains of Pangaea"awed" at my clothing: shiny, tight, metal-black pleather (we are very careful in the future with Animal Rights). Basically, I looked as typical "robot" as age-old predictions get...
Travelling along the mountains near the village, a pile of glowing dirt clumps caught my attention. I bent down to get a closer look - I thought that I was needing a pair of spectacles - when I felt the heat arise from the ground...
The town was destroyed by the lava that encompassed the valley, but all the people were saved thanks to my, finally useful, fervid actions.
For my great deed, I was awarded a triceratops' heel bone, which, according to the aboriginals, brought peace and understanding to my journeys ahead.
The only other proof I have of my journey is my shiny black suit, which was discolored by the sunlight and molten rock.
  I think it looks pretty damn hot.

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