Secret Paradise - Alice & Olivia Spring 2012

Alice & Olivia RTW S/S 2012

"Darling," Brittany implied in a matter-of-fact tone, "I have never even begin to think of vacationing in such a delightful place!" The tropics of Parais seemed to sweep past her in the convertible as if she was longingly watching a film. She needn't live vicariously this time, though, as all her hopes and dreams materialized all around: Forbidden Trees held lavish fruits of lipstick red, blush pink, and martini green. It felt like she was peeking into a secret garden locked away by an angel!
She sat back, bit her bottom lip, fixed her bug-eye sunglasses and sunhat, and gave way to the
sigh of contentment. Her life could end right there, and she wouldn't mind being "spiritually stuck" between the pomegranate Daiquiri drinks and mint leaves of the equatorial Paradis - as long as she was allowed to keep the shoes.


The Secret Garden

Tarzan & Jane

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