Uncaged Bird, Take Flight - Somarta Spring/Summer 2012

Somarta Spring/Summer 2012
Tamae Hirokawa
Tokyo Fall 2011

A mother arrives at her children's begging and pleading, hungry for the daily worm. Feeding them, she thinks about her exactly measured home. She was proud of the work she put into the geometric nesting area he had graphed and started for her with his own bare claws. Who was he? Her lover who had fearlessly sacrificed his aerodynamic life for the freedom of his bloodline - their fledgelings.
His commitment had inspirited in her a resilient disposition to defend and be aware of any prowlers about.
An unforgiving mountain panther had gripped her lover's wings one stormy night when he was protecting her under his warm water-resistant feathers. She recalled his struggling against the giant black shadows of growls and screeches and the fog that seemed to suffocate her heart.

She had taken a chance then - a palette of wrath puffing through her shocked body. She had attacked. She the force of a thousand thunder bolts.

The fluffiness of her plumage evolved into pointy elements of spikes.

Red spilled in lines all around: the fierce lion had lay as a flightless cat.

She would never forget her lover's last words:

"Live unbound. Take flight."


Thunderbirds from Native American lore (as the designer mentioned).

 Peter Pan & the love story



  1. gorgeous looks, love Peter Pan. wonderful post


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