Don't Live Vicariously: Venture Out! - Anna Sui Spring 2012

Anna Sui Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2012

Sept. 14, 2011 - New York

Rosie the Riveter has brought her devil-may-care looks to Gatsby’s lavish formals, spinning herself in pairs of disco pumps. She borrows her mother’s old lace ensembles yet her stars and stripes turn to hypnotic three-dimensional shapes, luring in the scintillating whispered movement of her cigarettes and head-wraps. She runs into the gardens of newly-grown grasses and finds herself lost amongst the fresh smell of spring clouds...
Rosie falls into an array of textured pillows: fur, velvet, lace, chiffon, cotton, and nylon just to name a few. She propels herself through the fabrics until arriving to a bare concrete floor. Walking on, this explorer finally finds her nesting place. "It's time to sit back and relax after such a hard day."
She flutters into the warehouses of dotty gypsies, feeling native to the irreverent life of believers.


My word of the day (as I love definitions and synonyms to a point of obsession) is
VICARIOUS (vike-a-ree-us)
adj. experienced in the imagination through feelings or actions of another person

I saw Anna Sui's collection and thought of the thrill of being a maverick and an avid traveler.
As I also am a love of astrology, I thought of a Sagittarius friend I have who is the embodiment of the sign.

Let me tell you about this sign:
Born: November 22nd - December 21st
They are adventurers* by nature, as they love the thrill and excitement of being in three - NOT two! - different places at once. They are connoisseurs of freedom in relation to traveling both physically and mentally (think Philosophers!) They want the wisdom the world has to offer. They are also honest and frank, so when you ask them how you look be prepared for the truth.
 Famous Sagittarians
Mark Twain (author of "The Adventures* of Huckleberry Finn" and "The Adventures* of Tom Sawyer")
Jimi Hendrix
Nicki Minaj
Brittany Spears
My mom (seriously, though)

(for more info on Sagittarius, click here)

The 1920s & 1940s
If you think of flappers and Rosie the Riverter when you see Anna Sui's spring fashion, you're right on the spot.
There were a lot of renegades in the 20s - women didn't want to dress "properly" anymore, and abandoned their tight corsets for drop-waist dresses that brought along femininity to the picture (and NOT that kind of girly aspect of femininity, but the MASCULINE : WE-CAN-DO-WHAT-WE-WANT attitude).
And although there wasn't much freedom in the 1940s, as there was WW|| and women were working in factories, there were many women who got down & dirty on the machines.


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